Nitecrest’s Latest Innovation – Video Gift Cards

nitecrest video cards

Nitecrest’s Latest Innovation – Video Gift Cards

Nitecrest’s latest innovation, Video Cards has been launched to provide retailers with a unique value proposition.

We have diversified our product suite to include a platform for retailers to captivate gift card consumers. Video cards allow the purchaser to record a personal greeting which is viewed via a QR code or a URL printed on the physical card. The recipient can also opt to record a response which provides a unique channel for engagement.

The offering is an advancement upon Nitecrest’s hugely successful photo upload cards which add a personalised element to a product that is commonly regarded as an unthoughtful gift. With the increasing popularity of virtual gift cards, Nitecrest identified that physical gift cards could benefit from a link between the physical and digital worlds and something to meet consumers’ demand for personalised products.

The platform can be integrated within the white-label plastic card e-commerce websites Nitecrest offers to retailers. The aim is to create a seamless customer journey for both the purchaser and the recipient. Users that opt to include a video message with their order will be taken to the recording tools or they can choose to be prompted to do so at a later date by email.

The interface seen by the gift card purchaser and the recipient is fully branded to ensure full exposure for the retailer. The platform offers additional benefits in the form of data capture; users of the service will be prompted to enter their email address, and the geolocation of the scans is logged which provides a useful insight into customer behaviour.

Managing Director Ronnie Hart comments “Nitecrest video cards elevates the gift card experience in a way that makes it more fun to give and adds further value.

Plastic gift cards are traditionally gifted to those who are difficult to purchase for, or who live far away as they cost-effective to send by post. Therefore, the video message facility provides a way for gift card purchasers to show recipients that time and thought has been invested into their gift choice.

Retailers will be interested to hear this platform is available with immediate effect and can be integrated into their online or offline gift card programmes with our assistance.”

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