Smart Cards

Our smart cards for retail, debit, and credit products are available on a wide range of platforms and based on secure and highly flexible operating systems. Smart cards can be utilised for storing and accessing secure data for a multitude of industries including financial, hospitality, travel, and healthcare. We are a reliable smart card manufacturer who can provide dual interface/contactless chips cards for access control or payments and a comprehensive range of contact cards for secure payment transactions.

Our impressive smart card product portfolio is made all the more possible following Nitecrest’s joint venture with Tag Systems to create Tagnitecrest. Together, we provide a dedicated suite of smart card and other financial products to Banks and Prepaid Payment channels.




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Smart Cards

Nitecrest provide a range of Smart Cards with a range of personalisation options including, chip encoding, RFID and barcodes.

Access Control Options

Nitecrest supply Smart Cards with a range of access control options including barcoding and radio frequency identification (RFID).

RFID uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and grant controlled access


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