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Gift Cards by Nitecrest

Gift cards are a staple business marketing tool and a preferred gift of choice for consumers. Working with a capable gift card manufacturer is vital to ensuring the success of your campaign. Nitecrest works with retailers and other businesses to ensure their gift cards and accompanying carriers are of the highest quality, while also ensuring the look and feel is appealing to the audience.

Tap Global (TAP) partners TagNitecrest

Tap Global (TAP) has partnered with TagNitecrest to produce the Tap Prepaid Mastercard® that will allow customers to convert Crypto Assets held with TAP for spending wherever Mastercard is accepted.

Pic: Tap Global

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Innovation at Their Fingertips

North West based, plastic card manufacturer, Nitecrest Group, are pioneering new Biometrics technology creating some of the first wave of fingerprint activated payment cards.

Gift Cards in Numbers


The gift card market in the UK is worth £6bn and consumer research from the UK’s Gift and Voucher Association suggests that growth is going to continue.

New additions to ECO Collection

Nitecrest are pleased to launch our new-to-market degradable ECO PVC adding to our long established ECO Collection including paper board substrates offering clients environmentally friendlier options for gift, loyalty and membership and financial card programs.

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Coloured Edging

As Europe’s largest capacity card producer, Nitecrest, design and manufacture a huge range of cards and see a wide variety of designs, special finishes and innovations.

Card issuing banks and retailers are investing more resources to ensuring their card products are not only an extension of their brand, but they also come with the trend of ‘instagrammability’, attracting millennial customers to physical cards with colour and innovation.

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Metal Cards and Laser Engraving

The latest trend in payment card technology is undoubtedly metal cards. Providing the ultimate luxury, these cards stand out from the crowd.

Nitecrest Group produce metal cards enhanced with laser engraved personalisation, allowing card issuing banks to offer customers a truly outstanding product.

Me & my: Sakurai Maestro MS 80 SD (Print Week)

What Nitecrest needed was a more flexible friend in a printroom that produces 5 million credit, gift, loyalty and membership cards every day. The firm spends big on technology because it cannot afford not to, says group chairman Ronnie Hart.