Coloured Edging

coloured edging gift cards

Coloured Edging

As Europe’s largest capacity card producer, Nitecrest, design and manufacture a huge range of cards and see a wide variety of designs, special finishes and innovations.

Card issuing banks and retailers are investing more resources to ensuring their card products are not only an extension of their brand, but they also come with the trend of ‘instagrammability’, attracting millennial customers to physical cards with colour and innovation.

Group Chairman Ronnie Hart ‘Having a distinguished card is becoming a must for banks, especially in the Fintech market, and for retailers looking to stand-out in mall racks. If you compare card products now to those of even a few years ago, you see much more emphasis on design. We see the full spectrum of colours, including bright neons, contemporary black and greys as well as traditional pastel colours’

Nitecrest’s latest investment in technology and machinery is allowing the Group to match client creativity; especially when it comes to producing coloured edging on cards.

‘Traditionally the edge of a card was white and there was a limitation when it came to design. Now we are able to offer this space as an extra dimension to designers. Adding a colour that contrasts the front or reverse of the card, or extending the brand colour scheme onto the periphery of the card is adding a real ‘wow-factor’ for our clients’ Ronnie added.

Research shows that card design can help boost customer loyalty, offering a card with a distinctive appearance is a way of attracting new customers. With gift card spend topping £6bn per annum and over 19 billion payment transactions using a card each year, having a product which catches the eye is one way of edging out the competition.


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