Metal Cards and Laser Engraving

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Metal Cards and Laser Engraving

The latest trend in payment card technology is undoubtedly metal cards. Providing the ultimate luxury, these cards stand out from the crowd.

Nitecrest Group produce metal cards enhanced with laser engraved personalisation, allowing card issuing banks to offer customers a truly outstanding product.

Group Chairman Ronnie Hart ‘It is an exciting time to be producing cards for the financial sector, we are seeing a huge range of elaborate designs and paytech features. TagNitecrest are delighted to be offering elegant metal cards in our card program portfolio’

Crafted from sheets of metal, these exclusive cards are reassuringly weighty, durable and available with a polished sheen or brushed metal finish. Cards are embedded with the same chip technology as a standard payment card and personalised with the latest laser technology.

‘Our state-of the-art laser engraving technology has been designed to enhance the metal card product with precision personalisation. Cardholder details are engraved into the card, increasing both the durability and opulence of the finished card’ added Ronnie

Any card issuing banks interested in adding a metal card range contact TagNitecrest today for more information.

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