Nitecrest implement Tharstern MIS to increase visibility throughout their business

Nitecrest implement Tharstern MIS to increase visibility throughout their business

Lancashire based, plastic card manufacturer, Nitecrest, are implementing the Tharstern MIS to help streamline their workflows and increase their productivity.

Nitecrest have over 25 years’ experience in the plastic card and paper board industry and produce over 5 million cards daily and export to over 140 countries worldwide. They are the leading manufacturer of gift, loyalty and membership cards and work with most high street retailers.

Once Tharstern is fully implemented, the estimating, customer service,  production and finance team will be able to use a more integrated system to eradicate needless repetition – meaning they can continue to focus on their customers whilst completing their business-critical tasks.

Nitecrest researched many different MIS providers, but it was Tharstern that stood out to them and they received great feedback from other print providers who use the same MIS.

“We are excited about how Tharstern will help to ensure we are working in the most efficient and productive manner as part of our 5s LEAN Management programme.

“We were very impressed with how structured and professional our Tharstern customer experience was throughout the whole process, from initial contact, to discovery visit, to various other meetings discussing the potential implementation, it was relaxed but very productive.” Lee Moran, Customer Services Manager, Nitecrest.

The visibility of projects and milestones in one place, instead of using different packages, will increase interdepartmental communication and speed up the process from estimating through to final production.

“We’re looking forward to getting the MIS up and running at Nitecrest, so they can start to speed up their workflows and achieve their business goals.

“We pride ourselves on our customer experience, so it’s fantastic to hear that this is one of the qualities that stood out to the team at Nitecrest.” Lee Ward, Sales Director, Tharstern.