TagNitecrest and the EPA@Home North


TagNitecrest and the EPA@Home North

When the Emerging Payments Association introduced the idea of having a networking event in the north of England TagNitecrest were delighted to be involved.

TagNitecrest were pleased to be able to showcase their state-of-the-art facility to the Emerging Payments Association by inviting a group of members and partners to a tour of the plant. The tour demonstrated TagNitecrest’s unrivalled capacity to manufacture and personalise EMV cards and the associated bureau services to complete a card program.

Leeroy Pye, TagNitecrest CEO ‘This event is an opportunity to welcome everyone from the Emerging Payments Association to the north of England where we have recently refurbished our facility. It’s a great opportunity for us to showcase our capabilities to customers, potential customers and industry associates demonstrating how Nitecrest have become the go-to card manufacturer in the Fintech space’

Part of the Nitecrest Group, TagNitecrest has European-wide bureaus, with the UK office and Headquarters based in Leyland, Lancashire. The facility is VISA and MasterCard accredited at which the Group produces 5 million card products each day.

‘We have positioned ourselves in the market where we have a true European footprint. We have TagNitecrest based in the UK and our sister companies in Madrid and Poland. Our capacity has put us in a position to rival our tier one competition and enabled us to service tier one and tier two banks in the UK and Europe’ added Leeroy.

During the course of the visit the EPA members were able to see a range of specialist services provided in the UK including the EMV card manufacturing process, card personalisation techniques such as laser engraving and thermal printing, and state-of-the-art direct mailing and packaging services.

Keri Farrell, Commercial Director at the Emerging Payments Association ‘We would like to thank TagNitecrest for hosting such a splendid event. The EPA members all reported having a great time, learning a lot and in a fun way. TagNitecrest is where many of today’s best-known cards come to life, so it was fantastic to see the end-to-end processes’

Nitecrest have made recent investments in both the facility and technology to manufacture the latest in payment technology including biometric and metal cards.

Ronnie Hart, Group Chairman Nitecrest ‘We have recently invested over a million pound in new technology and it’s good to share that with the members of the Emerging Payments. I’m really proud of what we have achieved in becoming Europe’s leading card manufacturer’

Ronnie Hart TagNitecrest

Ronnie Hart Group Chairman Nitecrest